Terms of use / distance contract

When placing an order at the Internet shop www.rotuupe.lv, in accordance with the Section 10, Paragraph one and two, a Civil legal agreement or Distance Agreement is entered into between you as a consumer and the owner of the Internet shop www.rotuupe.lv of “Rotu upe” Ltd., as a trader.


This agreement is entered into between the company “Rotu upe” Ltd., Reg. No. LV40203132073, registered office: Zentenes Street 3 – 65, Riga, LV-1069, Latvia – and the Buyer making the purchase in the Internet shop www.rotuupe.lv.


When placing an order in the online shop www.rotuupe.lv, the Buyer receives an automatically generated order confirmation and billing information at the specified e-mail address. In the event that the Buyer has not received an order confirmation for the online store www.rotuupe.lv, please contact us at info@rotuupe.lv or call: 27475048 or 29568869 to confirm that the order is registered.


The prices of goods are shown in Euro, with VAT. The delivery price is not included in the item price. Delivery prices and procedure are listed in the “Delivery and payment” section.


The types of the payment and order of the goods are listed in the “Delivery and payment” section.


4.1. Pasūtījuma izpildes termiņi un kārtība ir atkarīgi no apmaksas un piegādes veida, kā arī no izvēlētās preces. Par pasūtījuma izpildes termiņiem skaidrots sadaļā “Piegāde un apmaksa”.

4.2. Īpašā piedāvājuma (akcijas) precēm tiek piemērots pagarinātais izsūtīšanas laiks – max. līdz 14 kalendāra dienām.

5. BUYER's RIGHTS (including the right of withdrawal)

5.1. The Buyer has the rights to choose and purchase goods at the Internet shop www.rotuupe.lv, both as a registered customer and as an unregistered customer;

5.2. The Buyer has the rights to choose any of the available delivery methods;

5.3. The Buyer has the rights to refuse and return the delivered goods:

5.3.1. The Buyer has the rights to return the purchased goods within 14 days from the date of arrival of the goods by sending them to the “Rotu upe” Ltd., registered address: Zentenes Street 3 – 65, Riga LV-1069;

5.3.2. The claims of the Buyer shall be deemed to be unfounded with regard to the defects of the product resulting from the careless treatment of the Buyer (e.g. mechanical damage);

5.3.3. When returning the goods, the Buyer shall cover all costs related to the return of the goods;

5.3.4. If the Buyer uses the right of withdrawal in the case of a defective product or a mismatched item, all expenses related to the return of the goods shall be covered by the “Rotu upe” Ltd.;

5.3.5. The Buyer shall be entitled to receive the money paid for the goods if the Buyer has complied with the following rules for return of goods:

uz e pastu info@rotuupe.lv ir nosūtīts Preču atteikuma iesniegums (veidlapa atrodama šeit)

within 7 days of the notification of the refusal, unused goods in the original packaging and with all original labels have been sent to the “Rotu upe” Ltd., registered address: Zentenes Street 3 – 65, Riga, LV-1069;

in the case of a defective or mismatched goods, a return check must be added when sending the goods by mail.

5.3.6. If the Buyer has complied with all the provisions relating to the return of the goods, then within 5 working days after the arrival of the returned order, but no later than 30 days from the date of receiving the Buyer's written refusal, the “Rotu upe” Ltd. shall repay the value of the goods to the Buyer's bank account without reimbursing the delivery costs.

5.4. The rights to reject goods:

5.4.1. The Buyer has the rights to reject the goods if the “Rotu upe” Ltd has not fulfilled the specified or cannot meet the desired dates of delivery.

5.4.2. In case the Buyer rejects the goods at the time of delivery, the Buyer is obliged to cover the delivery costs.


6.1. The Buyer is obliged to thoroughly read the Distance Agreement and other provisions relating to the ordering, payment, delivery and return of goods and to take responsibility for non-compliance;

6.2. When registering as a www.rotuupe.lv customer, the Buyer is obliged to complete all the selected fields;

6.3. The Buyer is obliged to provide true information about himself when completing the registration form and the form to be filled in when ordering;

6.4. The Buyer shall be responsible for the veracity of the information provided and for any legal effects which may arise in the event of false information by one of the contracting parties;

6.5. The Buyer shall be responsible for the accuracy of the information provided. The “Rotu upe” Ltd. does not take responsibility for cases where the goods ordered by the Buyer are not delivered to the Buyer due to inaccurate information.


7.1. The “Rotu upe” Ltd. offers high quality products to its Buyers. In the case of defective product, the company “Rotu upe” Ltd. is obliged to repay to Buyer the value of the item paid, as well as the return costs of the item;

7.2. “Rotu upe” Ltd. provides convenient delivery terms for their Buyers. If “Rotu upe” Ltd. has not fulfilled the specified delivery deadlines, the “Rotu upe” Ltd. apologises and gives the Buyer the rights to reject the goods.

7.3. “Rotu upe” Ltd. is highly valued at Buyers' trust and therefore undertakes to ensure a high level of personal data protection and not to disclose the information provided to third parties without the consent of the Buyer;

7.4. “Rotu upe” Ltd. is working to ensure that all information about their goods, their availability, prices and delivery is correct and proper.

7.5. Goods and prices at the www.rotuupe.lv Internet shop are informative. Prices and supply of goods can be changed without warning.

7.6. The goods supplied are hand work, so their appearance may be slightly different from that shown in the catalogue.

7.7. The “Rotu upe” Ltd. has the rights to change and supplement these conditions and contracts. The changes took effect from the date of their publication on the website www.rotuupe.lv, and relate to orders for goods made after publication of the changes.


8.1 The Gift card can be used for both purchases in www.rotuupe.lv and in our shop at trading center “Olimpia”.

8.2 The gift card cannot be purchased with a coupon discount code.

8.3 When purchasing a Gift Card, indicate the recipient's e-mail. It is possible to send one card to several recipients. Specify multiple email addresses, separated by commas.

8.4 The Gift Card Recipient will receive an e-mail message with the sender's name, wish and the Gift Card code.

8.5 You will need to enter your Gift Card code before confirming your order.

8.6 If the purchase amount exceeds the value of the gift card, the buyer will have to pay the difference.

8.7 If the total purchase amount is less than the Gift Card value, the unused Gift Card amount will be retained by our system. You can use it for your next purchase.

8.8 The value of the Gift Card is not paid out in cash.

8.9 The Gift Card cannot be returned after purchase by either the buyer or the recipient of the Gift Card.

8.10 The Gift Card is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

8.11 The Gift Card balance and expiration date can be found by writing to us by e-mail with the Gift Card code.